Welcome to the Disaster Assistance Voluntary Registry


Step 1:
Please fill out the the following forms by clicking on the name. Both forms must be completed or it will not be accepted.
Save a copy of this form to attach to your Registration Form.


Step 2:
Please fill out the form completely as it relates to the assistance you are registering for. Please complete all secions that apply to you by clicking on the red section name. Save a copy of these forms to attach to your Registration Form.
Section I: I may need assistance with evacuation transportation to a public, special medical needs, or pet shelter. (The Pet Shelter has a separate registration process for your pets, please go to this registration page by clicking HERE.)
Section II: I may need Functional Needs Support Services or special notifications as a result of a disability.
Section III: I have special medical needs and would like to pre-register for the Special Medical Needs Shelter to be pre-screened for eligibility.


Step 3:
Now you are ready to register. You will now need to click HERE to complete the final registration process. Please make sure that you have saved all completed forms before registering.